SCOBE:Partnership Meeting near the Scottish border


The third partner meeting of the SCOBE project took place not far from the Scottish border in Blyth, Northumberland (UK) from 8 to 9 October 2018.  This time Accentuate North East Limited welcomed the team consisting of the representatives of AcrossLimits (Malta), ArchEnerg (Hungary), MAICH(Greece) and Vea Global (Spain).




The partners mainly dealt with the training material during the meeting. The two courses focusing on introductions to Wind Energy Generation and Wind Turbine Rotor Blades Repair, have seventeen units altogether. Each unit is divided into two subunits. Both courses (‘Introduction Course in Wind Energy’ and ‘Bonded Composite Repair of Wind Turbine Blades-an Introduction’) contain twenty-four lessons. Accentuate, GMI and MAICH are continuously working on the units of the training material while AcrossLimits is making it suitable for the virtual e-learning platform. Learning will be more delightful and exciting due to the interesting quizzes and videos making part of the e-learning platform. These professionals work in great cooperation supporting each other though there are still discussions about the lengths of the units. The training platform is expected to be finished by the summer of 2019.

The consultation became more stimulating by a walk on the beach, where the participants of the event could see the offshore wind turbines of Blyth.




The other important part of the sessions was dissemination. The Hungarian ArchEnerg Cluster is responsible for this part of the project but every partner has to deal with some publicizing activities. This is essential because people must know about these courses to be able to join and learn about rotor blades in the near future. For this, each partner has been in contact with educational institutions, energy companies and local municipalities from their own countries since the beginning of the project. Moreover, a few partners have also collaborators from other countries. Thanks to this, a great interest has risen in the online courses of SCOBE in Ukraine during the last few months. The partners are hoping to attract a great number of people who are willing to learn about wind energy.




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