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DEN-CuPID is a Strategic Partnership between SMEs, academic institutions and Local Authorities associations, which aims primarily at improving transversal competencies, such as entrepreneurship and managerial skills and at enhancing knowledge of people active in the field of cultural management. It envisages the optimization of local capacities in designing and implementing projects based on the local cultural endowment, as well as the ability to involve financial and innovative funding tools, for the accomplishment of these projects. 

Partners involved: 

The project will have a duration of two years and is sponsored by the State Scholarships Foundation (IKY), which is a Public Decentralized Service of the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs and under this case has the role of the National Agency of the European Erasmus + Program for Education and Training 



DEN-CuPID is a Strategic Partnership (SP) of local governments associations, SMEs and educational institutions from several EU countries. The partners involved in the SP:

Greece (E- Trikala S.A. Unesco Hellas, Time Heritage LTD, University of Patra and E.G.T.C. Amphictyony)

Italy (Associazione di Promozione Sociale Futuro Digitale)





The SP will design and develop high quality and innovative tools and training courses for training and coaching municipalities’ employees and local actors involved or interested in cultural management projects and ventures. In this way, we aim to:


  • Support local actors in fostering the idea and practice of cultural management as a tool for sustainable development, through familiarizing themselves with local history, local heritage assets, raising public awareness in heritage issues,
  • Encourage partnership and collaborative development processes between the local authorities and the local communities’ members, and bringing them together with research and educational institutions in order foster cluster-generating capabilities, 
  • Enable aspiring cultural entrepreneurs and municipalities employees to familiarize themselves with various forms of financial instruments and other funding opportunities, as well as methodologies for effective management
  • Stimulate the development of their entrepreneurial, creative and innovation skills, and their capacity to turn ideas and concepts about local cultural assets into original projects and sustainable business plans,
  • Providing the possibility of international networking and exchange of experience,
  • Encourage sharing of crowd-wisdom and employing crowd-sourcing.

An important aspect of the project will be the overall assessment of needs in the field of cultural (and cultural heritage) management across Europe as well as the investigation of the steps to be taken to remedy discrepancies and problems on various levels, including technical knowledge, managerial skills, lateral thinking, modular design of projects and finally even legislative measures.

You can download the project laeflet DEN-CUPID, click here



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