Experiential Training

Experiential learning is an innovative methodology based on the ability of people to learn through direct experience.

It is highly efficient because it raises the knowledge retention rate up to 75%.

Experiential training makes use of a wide range of tools and business games specially designed to simulate work situations of everyday.

Participants are divided into different groups with a common goal, and must work together to achieve it. This methodology precipitates the process of identifying, analyzing and solving problems, encouraging decision making, concrete actions and commitment of all participants.

The ability to actively participate, to influence in the results, and to discover first-hand concepts that are usually transmitted in theory, greatly enriches any training session and increase learning.

Some examples of the experiential trainings we offer:

  • Strategy and Leadership 
  • Project Management
  • Process management and continuous improvement
  • Change Management
  • Creativity workshops

If you want to:

Know a different and attractive training offer

Transmit messages to your team about focus on results ...

Involve the staff of the company in the corporate strategy

make your staff work together in project management disciplines, process optimization ...

Motivate your team with a training activity

Organize a closing day for the company staff

Make your organization sensitive about the importance of adapting to new circumstances and learn to manage changes...