VEA talks about RELACS Project in the Energy Efficiency Meeting organizated by "Pyramid Centre of Huesca"

The "Pyramid Centre" is developing for some years, technical Meetings directed to the sectors in which imparts teaching in the Centre.

This event will be developed in four thematic sessions, one of them dedicated to Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy and it will be celebrated on May 16.

In the Meeting, Grupo VEA has been invited in order to explain the accumulated experiences with the development of RELACS European Project " Energy Efficiency in touristic building" which has been managed by VEA since the year 2009.

TRYBOS, Grupo VEA engineering company, develops energy efficiency and energy saving in tertiary buildings projects, spas, public lighting, very diverse manufacturing industry, etc. It is remarkable the acquired experience in renewable energy projects of cogeneration, geothermal,biomass, photovoltaic or wind energy.