VEA Reports: Approved new CDTI features.

New features of CDTI support for Individual Projects and National Partnership were approved in the Directors Board meeting held on 26 April.

These are the most significant changes relative to the features that were approved until last March:

  • Decrease from 75% to 60% of the maximum percentage of financing project´s total budget.
  • Decrease the minimum project budget for each participant from 240,000€ to 200,000€.
  • The non-refundable grant is cancelled for large enterprises. In these cases the support will take only the form of interest-free loan.
  • For SMEs the basic non refundable grant change from 15% to 5%.
  • Decrease the exemption limit for Small Businesses guarantees from 500,000€ to a maximum of 250,000€ per company and set of related or associated companies.
  • Rise from 10% to 20% of additional non-refundable grant for projects in regions Where is still available the "technology fund", regardless of company size.
  • In the case of international technological cooperation projects, the additional non refundable grant is increased from 15% to 18% for large companies. SME is maintained at 18%.
  • When subcontracting research entities for more than a 10% of the budget´s project, the non-refundable grant is increased from 6% to 10%. For large companies. For SME is maintained at 10%.