IDAE Funding for strategic investment projects in energy saving and energy efficiency within its 2008-2012 Action Plan in Spain.

The Institute for Energy Saving and Diversification, IDAE, has recently published its funding Program to help strategic investment projects in energy conservation and efficiency.

This program is part of the IDAE's 2008-2012 Action Plan for Energy Saving and Efficiency in Spain (2004-2012), and the 2011 Announcement is equipped with 120 million Euros.

The grants are intended to supplement and reinforce the work carried out by different administrations, to encourage companies to launch investment projects in multi-saving technologies and energy efficiency.
It tries to cover the type of projects that do not have enough support through existing mechanisms, with a vision of continued support (more than one year funding), open (direct and indirect beneficiaries) and diverse (from industrial to tertiary sector) .

Three type of projects are defined as objective:

  • Strategic Projects
  • Singular Innovative Projects
  • Sectorial projects as a whole

The beneficiaries from these grants are:

  • Companies in the industrial sector
  • Companies in the tertiary sector
  • Energy Service Companies
  • Financing companies of the purchase of equipment or vehicles

For more information, please contact us and we will inform you on how you can benefit from these grants.