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Project and Funding

Make obstacles steps to achieve what you want" Charles Chaplin.

The companies that believe in their future invest resources in developing their activities and work projects in order to improve their products, processes and management systems.

From VEA Global  Project and Funding Management Area, we work for helping our clients to get the maximum external funding, with the best conditions in order to carry out their projects. We advise them how to apply for grants and public subsidies at regional, national and European level,as well as private funds and tax relief.

We are experts in R&D&I, energy and environmental Project Finance, and in all type of investments that uses the most innovative tools of the market so that your company staff can get excellent results. 


  • Project management and technical project support
  • Identification of R&D&I projects and portfolio management
  • Tax deductions and credits of Social Security
  • European projects management
  • Information, management and justification of subsidies and grants for R & D + i activites and business development

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