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Innovation Management

"If you are looking for different results, don´t do always the same." Albert Einstein.

Companies need to differentiate themselves to generate greater value than its competitors. Continuous innovation enables companies to become more competitive, leading its sector and improving its performance.

With all our extensive experience in the R & D aspects at national and international level, we are adapt our services to the needs of each organization and help them to implement and develop the results of their innovation.


  • Implementation of R & D & I management systems (UNE 166,000)
  • Development of sectorial institutional and corporate R & D & I plans
  • Prospective reports
  • Competitive Intelligence/ Vigilance and knowledge management
  • Proyect identification and portfolio management
  • Eco-innovation, eco-design and eco-efficiency projects
  • Management and improvement of industrial design, image and brand
  • Open Innovation